tisdag 7 december 2010


Min lilla älskling
du börjar bli så stor

älskar dig så

Den här är till dig :)

4 kommentarer:

Regina sa...

Uff, hope this stuff with your child as a praying angel only is a game....

Quite a contrast: Olivia Newton John trying to overcome 50th-Stepford-women-image in Grease, isn´t it.

"Little girl angel" a more problematic message and idol for your girl than you might see today....


Mrs M sa...

Lil- of course it´s a game, on her request...
maybe you´d listened to the smurf- song as well, her favourite song, quite hard to understand the lyrics though.
Yesterday my daughter was so sad, so this was a way for me to cheer her up. And it did work!

Anonym sa...

Åh vad fint!!!
Så stor, så söt! Det går så snabbt. Bra att stanna upp och njuta lite ibland.

Kram Emma

Hildas hem - Sofia sa...

En riktig liten ängel :)